About Us

Our Story

We are a family run Wellness business, Nata Jack is our Founder and CEO. The company came about from Nata's love for herbs and her rediscovering her ancestral hidden knowledge on plants and how they benefited holistically from natural remedies Having combined both Western and Cultural practices in her personal life, Nata raised her family on making the various concoction. Her belief has always been to get over a flu...l Master Herbalist and Herbal Formulator. Having created top-selling Nutraceuticals, she is well sort after for not just her formulations but her herbal/spiritual consultations. As a family run business our aim and passion has always been to bring knowledge and health to people. We believe that your health is your wealth and in the current climate we all need to maintain a healthy immune system. All our products are locally sourced from trusted locals who are 4th and 5th generation of wild seaweed cultivators. Our seaweeds and especially our irish sea moss chondrus crispus is some of the best in the world and meets all EU stringent standards. We aim to give the customer peace of mind when it comes to providing them with the best quality chondrus crispus sea moss , knowing they will get only the BEST product with traceability.

Ready to use products to make your life easier

Nature offers us the ideal nourishment for our well-being, yet accessing these nutrients isn't always convenient. At iDunnLife, our goal is to streamline your path to health without compromising on the purity and essential nutrients your body requires. We deliver top-notch supplements in effortlessly consumable powder, capsule, and liquid formats.